Friday, April 19, 2013

Things To Know before Applying For Google Adsense: Get Approved

Things to do before applying for Google Adsense
I Know lots and lots of bloggers are not been approved by Google adsense nowdays. There strictness is increasing day by day. This really disgusting.
Everyday Lots of my visitors ask me how to get approved by adsense or what are shortcuts for that.
So here is the post that may help in your Google adsense account to get approved. Every one wants to earn lots of money from Google Adsense!!! As you all know that Google adsense is the worlds best paying network for bloggers. And there paying rate is better than all other adsense providers.
So here are the steps that you must keep in mind before applying for google Adsense:

1. Read Google adsense Terms 

As you know that maximum websites show their terms and ask if you agree or not, and i don't think so that any one would read that terms ;)
But in case of Google adsense This is the biggest mistake that people Do.
Be careful, read the terms and condition of Google adsense. And the things you must do and not do.

2. Create Your own privacy Policies Page

You must also create your own privacy policy page that describes the policies of your website. No need to write it your own, you can use privacy policy generator.
It describes the visitors of your website what you will get on your blog and what they can do and not do. Make this page a this may help in getting your google adsense account approved.

3. About Us Page

Create your About Us page that gives the details about your self or your company. This page helps in creating trust about you to your visitors. So you must create this page for getting your adsense account approved, other wise forget about it.

4. Contact us Page 

Give the details and different medium through which visitors can contact with you.
This page helps in connecting you with your visitors and showing adsense that you are intact with your visitors and doing work well.

5. Name verification

The Google adsense ask for your name verification which can be done through your email account. Show your name and email address easily visible on your websites about us and contact us page. This helps in confirming Google adsense that website is your own.

6. Age verification

Provide your age with lots of care and the age must be same on your email account and what you provide, other wise it may cause a problem for you. The bloggers under 18 years of age cannot apply for Google Adsense. :(
So they must wait until they get to the required age.

7. Billing Address

Provide a proper billing and payment address to them, so that they can easily send your check to you on completion of your $100.

8. Minimum Number Of posts

No body knows exactly what is the minimum number of post that Google adsense require. Some people having 100+ post don't get approved, whereas on other hand many having less post enjoy earning from Google adsense.
So, in my view the minimum number of posts that you must write before applying Google Adsense is 30-40.

9. Content In your Blog

The content you use in your blog must not be copyright material, you can take a guidance from other websites but language must be your own. Also, if you use some content of other blog, then mention bthe reference at end of your blog. 
Also the content you use must not contain pornographic, drugs related and such illegal material. Other wise there  is no chance of your account getting approved.

10. Paid Traffic

Don't use paid traffic on your blog otherwise forget of applying Google Adsense to your blog. The Google Adsense hates paid traffic, and never approves the website having paid traffic.

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