Friday, April 19, 2013

Essential Tips For Google Adsense


Do you want to make money from Google adsense, then you will have to be alert of don'ts of Google adsense. These are the things that you must avoid as much as you can so that you should not get banned from Google Adsense. If you will not follow the Rules than you may get google Warning!! That may lead your account to be banned from Google Adsense.

1. Click On Your Own Ads

The first don't is never ever click on your own ad. This may lead to your Google Adsense Account banned in a short period of time.This is a form of Fraud clicking on your website. This is the most easiest way to get your account banned. 
Keep a track that not even any of your family member at your home must also not click on your ad.

2. Hide Ads

Don't try to fool your visitors by hiding your ads in the content. Don't stuff your ads far behind your content. This is a great offence of Google Adsene rules. You may make the ads look like your page but not hiding in the page. 
Don't forget you also get paid for page views. 

3. Alter The code

Never ever try to alter the code of Google adsense ad this is against the Google adsense rules. The HTML/java script that you get from Google Adsense Account must as it is go to your website. 
Other wise google may ban you for ever. And your one way of earning from internet is Gone.

4.Beg For Clicks

Don't beg for clicks on the different platforms on web as Google may catch you. Don't try to organize any ad click contest or add your website to traffic generating websites. As this is against the rules of Google Adsene. Begging from your friends offline may work little, but it is not reliable for Sponsers, as the click on ads by begging may led to uninterested click by a person and which is not beneficial for advertiser.

5. Use Robotic Help

Never try to use help of robot for clicking on your ads as this may ban your account in just few minutes. These clicks are fraud and against term and conditions of googole adsense. Don't use pay for clicks either. as this doesn't help advertisers. If a advertiser wants then he may have paid people for clicking. But just clicking on their ads doesn't only benefits them but taking some action in the ads help them.

6. Violated Contents On website

The content like weapons, pornography, tabacoo, alcohol etc. this may lead to banning your account. These topics are against the terms of Google ads. Google can easily caught you if you are writing about these topics as it is a keyword generator and has many tools that keep check on data on website.

7. Never Disclose Your Earnings

They don't allow you to tell that how much you earn from a particular keyword. So, never disclose your earnings on your website. This also doesn't look nice.

8. Ads Page

If you are trying to make a page which specifically show ads then get ready for a ban. Page content is


  1. Hey, Devia! You've been a great help with all this information. I'd like to share some insights too. To increase the chances of getting approved by AdSense, you need to have uniformity in your website, especially in blogs. I notice that some blogs nowadays are just about anything under the sun. So, if you want to get an AdSense in your blog, make sure to focus on a particular niche. Have a particular topic that you would like to talk about in your blog or website. Huge companies like Google wouldn't just pay for anything you publish on the Internet. It should have essence and substance. With these, you can get more subscribers, and you can get a higher chance of getting AdSense approved. I hope this helps. Good luck!

    Darryl Tay


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