Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Example Dialog (Expressing persuading, encouraging, preventing) Part 2

Ani   : Budi what do you think if we go to the cinema tonight ?
Budi : Emh , i can’t ani
Ani   : Why ?
Budi : I just can’t
Ani   : You look so sad what happen ?
Budi : I have some problem...
Ani   : What is it ? share it to me
Budi : I don’t want
Ani   : Oh , come on please tell me i just want to help you to solve your problem .
Budi : Okay , i’m just confuse i have a long distance relationship, but i’m afraid if my girlfriend
           will taking a walk with another boy
Ani  : Oh, calmdown budi , you must trust her, distance is not a big problem if she really
          love you .I’m sure that she will keep her heart just for you
Budi : How can i know she really love me or not , and i can’t see what is she doing there
Ani   : So what you wanna doing then ?
Budi : I just wanna end this relationship
Ani   : Oh my god , you shouldn’t do that... dont make a stupid decision , you must be
          Carefully with girl’s heart you must give her a chance to prove that she is the one
          who can be trusted by you

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