Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hangul Conversion Tools (Korean Transliteration Tools)

This is a Hong's Hangul Conversion Tools is Korean Transliteration Tools,codes: MCT-to-KR, KR-to-MCT and Jamo-to-KR.
  • MCT-to-KR: Use this if you want to see what a sound/pronunciation would look like in Korean characters (Hangul).
    • Input: MCT (sounds/pronunciation written in Roman alphabets).
    • Output: Korean characters (Hangul) with the normalized MCT and the web Unicode representation.
  • KR-to-MCT: Use this to see how Korean character sequences should be pronounced. This is experimental at best and a work in progress. I tried to follow the standard rules as much as possible, but since there are so many exceptions you should never rely on this.
    • Input: Korean characters (Hangul).
    • Output: MCT in Roman alphabets.
  • Jamo-to-KR: Use this if you want to compose a Hangul character exactly as it should be written.
    • Input: Jamo (NOT MCT).
    • Output: Korean characters (Hangul) with the normalized Jamo and the web Unicode representation.
Here are some general instructions for MCT-to-KR.
  • Refer to the "MCT" columns below for the closest match.
  • You can type in either lower- or upper-case.
  • Use hyphens ('-') to separate the syllables. If there is no ambiguity, you may omit them.
    ex) hang-eul vs. han-geul.
  • The second line ("Normalized") of the result also shows how the converter interpreted the input. See if that looks/sounds what you intended.
  • For proper nouns (e.g., names), you may need to change some old (or tranditional) spellings for MCT.
    For example, the most common Korean last name, Kim should actually be written as [gim]. My last name, Cho should also be written as [jo]. Most people just keep them because that's what their family used to use. Besides, "jo" in German would be [yo], so there is no "global" way to do it. :)
MCT Examples.
  • "Kim Seung Hoon": [gim seung hun]
  • "Soo Yong Sung": [seong su yong] (?)
  • "SooJa": [su-ja]
  • "Yeonjin": Try as is.
  • "Jong Rae Kim": [gim jong rae]
  • "Kurt Wells": [keo-teu wel-jeu]
  • "Vonett Baquilod": [bo-net ba-kil-lo-deu] (?)
  • "Joseph Lewis": [jo-se-peu lu-i-seu]
  • "Lee Choon Ok": [i chun ok]
  • "Jee KyungHee": [ji gyeong-hui]
  • "Pamala": [pae-meol-la] (well, that's how I hear it. :p)
  • "Mariona": [ma-ri-o-na] (?)
  • "Yoo-Ree": [yu-ri]
  • "Anastacio Rivera Casison": [a-na-seu-ta-si-o ri-be-ra ka-si-son]

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