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Example Dialogue Happiness Expression and Sympathy

Contoh dialog Ekspresi senang dan simpati
EXPRESSING HAPPINESS is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad have excited feelings.

What is Happiness ?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasantemotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

We can expressing happiness with :
  • Word
  • Gestures
The example is :
  • ü  That’s fantastic!
    ü  That’s good!
    ü  I find it very exciting.
    ü  Good job!
    ü  Great!
    ü  Fantastic!
    ü  Terrific!
    ü  Hooray!
    ü  Yippee!
    ü  What a great idea!
    ü  It sounds like fun.
    ü  It is good news.
    ü  I’m pleased/delighted about it.
    ü  It’s the best thing I’ve heard …. (examples: ever, for a long time)
    ü  I’m satisfied with ….
    ü  Congratulations!
    ü  I’m very happy because/on …. (examples: you success, your graduate)
    ü  Well done.
    ü  My life’s fun of happy day.
    ü  You really make me happy.
    ü  I like …. (example: to know that)
    ü  I love …. (example: to hear that)
    ü  It was great.
Example 1 dialog expressing happiness :

Juniel : “Mom ! I have a good news !”
Mom : “What is it dear ?”
Juniel : “My English teacher told me that I got excellent score in the last test !”
Mom : “Really? Oh I'm proud of you dear !”
Juniel : “Yeah mom, thanks”
Mom : “Because you get excellent score. i want to give you a present !”
Juniel : “What is it mom ?”
Mom : “I will give you a ticket concert !”
Juniel : “Really ? wow i really like it mom. thank you so much mom !”
Mom : “My pleasure dear”

Example 2 Happiness Expression Dialogue
• For the example of dialouge about happiness expression:
Nhya  : What do you accept from your birthday ,dhina?
Dhina : Fantastic ,I can a new bag from my father. That’s new bag, It is    very good
Nhya  : Oh, I ‘m happy  too hear it.
Dhina : Thank’z , nhya
Nhya  : You are welcome

Example 3 Read the dialogs.

  Dialog 1
Mrs. Hans       : How was your school today, dear?
Tasya              : It was great, Mom.
Mrs. Hans       : That’s good. By the way, Annie, your niece, is in Bandung now.
Tasya              : Annie? When did she come? How was her study in Singapore?
Mrs. Hans       : She arrived here yesterday, and about her study, she did it well.Now, she is having a semester holiday in Indonesia.You know what, she has brought some books.
Tasya              : What books, Mom?
Mrs. Hans       : Well, just have a look yourself.
They are on the table in the reading room.
Tasya              : Yippee!
Mrs. Hans       : Well, don’t forget to find her to say thank you.
Tasya              : I will.

Dialog 2
Grace              : Hello, Anthony! I just knew that you have a cat.
Anthony          : Hello Grace! I do. Mr. Ridwan gave me this cat two days ago. I’m so happy about it. You  know, I really want to have a cat.
Grace              : It is really pretty.
            The boy says, “I’m so happy about it.” because he has got a cat. The sentence is used to express happiness


• Definition
Sympathy Expression is an expression or feeling of pity  and sorrow when we know and see someone or people are unlucky or have trouble and in bad condition .By expressing sympathy we want to show our concern or carefulness on other people ‘s condition.

•How can we give sympathy expression to someone :
We express it directly to him/her orally or we  can use a letter or card by post also by short message service ( sms ), e-mail,television ,radio ,and newspaper if he /she who got the trouble is far from us.

• Several expression  of sympathy :
Ø  I ‘m so sorry to hear that
Ø  I’m awfully sorry about……….
Ø  Oh , how awfully
Ø  Oh, dear !
Ø  How pity you are !
Ø   We’re terribly upset to hear  that
Ø  Oh You, poor little thing
Ø   Look! This is not end of the world
Ø   Oh, no!
Ø  I’m deeply sorry that
Ø   I know how it feels
• Responses :
      * Thank you for your sympathy.
      * It was nothing
      * Thanks for your kindness
      * Don’t have to worry, I can face it.

• Example of dialogue that expression :
Mr . Afgan : You know that ? David has lost contact with his friend
Asraf         :  I’ m awfully sorry about information it.

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