Sunday, June 2, 2013

Example Sentence to make suggestion – shall we In Daily Life

Contoh Kalimat Shall We dalam Pembicaraan Sehari-hari

We can use many language expressions to make suggestions.
1. Why don’t you take to sports as your profession?
2. Shall we go for a movie this evening?
3. What about calling the doctor?
4. Let’s go by train.
5. I don’t think we should continue our journey?
6. Let’s have lunch now.
7. Wouldn’t you like to take some rest?
8. What about your future?
9. You’d better see a doctor
10. You ought to have some good sleep.
Some of these expressions have the effect
of an advice as well,
eg: (1,5, 8, 9,10)
A- Help! Help! What shall I do?
B- Hurry up and do something!
C- Why don’t you try to move back?
D- I don’t think we should touch the car.
E- We’d better pull the car back onto the road.
F- What about calling the police?
G- Yes, let’s do that. Shall I look for on STD?
A- I’m so grateful that you saved us.
B- Shall we go out for a meal?
C- Why don’t we have dinner at the Chinese restaurant?
Red Dragon?
D- Yes, let’s.
A- It is a lovely day. What shall we do?
B- Let’s play tennis!
A- It is raining again. What shall we do! Let’s stay at home and watch a video.
B- That’s a good idea!
A -   I’m hungry.
B -   Then let’s go to ‘Hot chips’.
A -   What shall we have?
B- Let’s have some Purl and Samosa. Come on let’s go.
A- It’s warm and sunny today.
B- Where shall we go?
C- Well, let’s go to the beach.
D- That’d be fine.
B- Yes, we can play beach ball, play in the sand and go swimming
C- Ooh… Let’s go…
A- Shall we go to a movie this evening!?
B- O.K. What’s on at Rohini Cinema?
C- Rush Hour’, Jackie Chan is in it:
B- Ah’… that’d be fine.
A -   Are you coming to play cricket?
B -   Oh no! It’s too hot to play cricket now.
C – Why don’t we play in the evening?
D -   If you want to while away the time stay indoors and play chess.
A -   O.K. I’ll get the chess board.

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