Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tutorial Simple Upside Hairbun

Hairbun TutorialIf you look at the hair styles of the Korean actresses seem funny, practical and adorable yes. With piercings hairbun they already look nice without having complicated.
Want to look like them too? Follow these few easy tricks.
Steps 1 and 2
Hairbun Tutorial
  • Be divided into two parts, front and back hair.
  • Shape the back ponytail hair. Tie with rubber.
  • Before twisted (see figure 2), good hair serum given first. Its function is to moisturize and keep hair that are not easily broken.
Steps 3 and 4
Hairbun Tips
  • Now, the hair was formed into a twisted break off.
  • Trim and reinforced with hairpins in some parts that can not easily be separated.
Step 5 and 6
  • Well, now the rest of the front hair pinned, break off the finished surround.
  • Make sure the ends neatly and hidden by using a clamp.
Step 7 and 8
Hairbun tutorial
  • Check back if there is a less powerful sections of hair and neat. Add flops.
  • Finishing: spray hairspray so durable break off all day.

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