Thursday, April 18, 2013

Know about Autism found in Children

Autism is a brain development disorder characterised by a set of behaviours that affect individuals differently. There are three main types of autism spectrum disorder: Asperger's syndrome, Pervasive developmental disorder, and Autistic disorder. And two rare, severe autistic-like conditions: Rett syndrome and Childhood disintegrative disorder.
Children with autism are withdrawn, in a world of their own. Children suffering from autism can be helped with appropriate intervention and increased awareness in society. Symptoms may vary from moderate to severe. One needs to look out for when trying to detect autism at home and ensure that the child gets treatment early before it becomes a serious problem that stays within the cortex when they become young adults.
Children with autism start to show difficulty in maintaining social interactions with others around them. Moreover, they prefer to be left alone, all by themselves. They tend to remain within their nut shell and avoid contact with others by displaying unusual eye contact. They also demonstrate difficulty in verbal and nonverbal communications resulting in a hard time to cope up in school.
Children suffering from autism show symptoms of extreme distress for no apparent reason and posses a short attention span. Besides, they have difficulty taking turns in turn-taking games or activities. Moreover, they enjoy rotating or spinning object, or lining up objects. They keep themselves occupied with objects such as knobs, switches, wheels.
Autistic children suffer from communication problems, display signs of difficulty to start or maintain a social conversation. They tend to communicate with gestures instead of words. Moreover, they slowly develop language and repeat words or memorized passages. For instance when encountered with a commercial, they would keep repeating it. This inability to demonstrate verbal and nonverbal communications makes situations worse at school.
Autistic children should be dealt with care and not considered as disabled. Children can overcome the problem of autism if treated well in time with patience.

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