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How to Increase traffic on You Website

Best ways to increase Traffic on your website
Here I am going to discuss with you all the ten best ways of increasing traffic on your website. These methods will not only help in increasing traffic to your website but also help you to earn money through it.
Here are some easy and effective tips for increasing traffic to your website:

5. Traffic websites: 

You may sign up at some below listed traffic website, where you have to view other people website and they will view your website in turn. This is simple method to increase traffic to your website. But these website doesn't let the sites with google adsense on it to add into there account. So this is only effective to those business website, who want views on their website. 
But these visitors are temporary visitors. You will have to make contacts with them to make permanent visitors.
The traffic websites are :
traffic increasing tips

This is one of best traffic increasing website, with games in it. Is really enjoyable as well as helps in increasing website traffic. many tournaments are also organised every week, for earning money as well as increasing traffic.
I WAS AMAZED BY SEEING 1000 visitors per day from all over world.

traffic increasing tips
This is also a good traffic busting website. must sign up once for once for seeing vast increase in traffic.

traffic increasing tips

traffic increasing tips
Many other such websites to increase website traffic are available on internet, where you can sign up and in just few minutes can have large traffic on your website.

Best ways to increase Traffic on your website 


The other best and most effective method to increase traffic to your website is using of social media like facebook, twitter, google+ etc. There are many such medium through which you can increase traffic to your website. Post catching articles on these media and soon you would be able to increase the traffic to your website.

3. Advertising:

Best ways to increase Traffic on your website
It is a great method to show your presence on internet and thus you would be able to increase visitors to your sites per day with this technique. You may sign up to many pay per click websites for this work, if you have money. You may also advertise for free if you click on ads of the pay per click sites advertisements and earn money on it and use the same money to increase traffic to your website.
Submit your articles to websites that submit articles, like e-zines etc. Don't forget to add your website name and business name at end of the article.
Marketing also another useful medium to increase your traffic. Use newspapers, posters etc.

2. Maintain Your Webpage:

Best ways to increase Traffic on your website
The most important thing that lets a visitor to visit your site again is the content and appearance of your website. Make your site as lite as you can. Usually you should use white background. The text of the website must be interesting, the visitor watches the material in your website and not the images. Text readability should be made clear and bold so that it could be easily learned.  

1. SEO:(The Main Method)

Best ways to increase Traffic on your website
SEO ; Search Engine Optimization is the best way of increasing traffic on your website. You must publish a minimum one post every day to boost up your SEO rank. Also you must generate useful content on your website, the content on which people may search. This sounds really very easy but is much harder. You must keep your website up to date. Increase backlinks on your websites.

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