Friday, April 19, 2013

Alternative way of Google Adsense

Are you banned from Google adsense or you are searching for the alternative of Google Adsense then here are list the top 5 best alternatives to Google adsense. People not following the"Don'ts for Google Adsense" Get banned from it. This leads to total break down of there confidence of earning money from internet, but wait there are some alternatives that can act better than Google Adsense for you. 
These alternatives are also for one that don't get approved from google adsense.
Here is the list:

1. Chitika

This is one of the best alternatives to Google adsense. It provides a number of advertising options for the users. About more than 20,000 people are enjoying the payment from Chitika. The minimum payout of this is $20 whereas it is $100 for Google adsense. So, its good alternative for the new users and the banned users.
Wanna sign up just CLICK HERE.

2. ClickSor

The other worthy alternative of Google adsense is clicksor. It is easy to get approved here and it payout is also $20. All the sizes of ads are available here. But still its CPC(Cost Per Click) is less then Google Adsene. Clicksore boasts 150000 page views in month. Wanna Sign up.
3. Yahoo, Bing! Ads Network 
It is the best adsense alternative. The good thing about this network is that they verify account easily. This quite same as Google Adsense in working!! The minimum payout is similar to Google adsense that is $100. They also pay through paypal so no need to wait for the check.
Sign up here for  yahoo, bing ads account.

4. Infolinks

They provide text ads. There minimum payout is $50. But CPC is less and also pay less for page views then Google adsense. But is a good alternative as the payout is less. So you will have fast payout of it. They support paypal so no worry for checks. Ads can be customized as you want and thus if you get the key of customizing it it may be really very helpful.  
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5. BidVertiser

This is another Good alternative for Google adsense with easy approval. It has minimum payout of just $10 and thus it offers fast earnings and payouts. These provides customization of ads.  It provides payment through paypal. The highest bidder for your website is shown here.
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