Sunday, March 17, 2013

Synopsis The Philosophers Movie (2013)

2013 The Philosophers

At an international school in Jakarta, a brilliant but mysterious philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to undertake one final thought experiment in order to complete the requirements for graduation. The experiment is to be the most extreme they have ever had to face. Using the power of logic alone, the students must choose which of them would be worthy of a place in an underground shelter built to withstand a fast-approaching nuclear apocalypse. The shelter only has space for ten people, which means certain death for those that are not chosen.
The real-life world of the classroom dramatically segues into the imaginary yet all too real world of the nuclear bunker and the approaching atomic catastrophe. Forced to make impossible decisions, the twenty young students enter an explosive and highly stylised world in which the survival instinct reigns supreme. Murder, deceit, sex and betrayal become the norm as the students strive to survive the impossible scenario. In doing so, they take the audience on an exhilarating journey across multiple realities, each one ever more intense than the last.

Bonnie Wright... Georgina

Katie Findlay... Bonnie

James D'Arcy... Mr. Zimit

George Blagden... Andy

Freddie Stroma... Jack

Erin Moriarty... Vivian

Daryl Sabara... Chips

Jacob Artist... Parker

Maia Mitchell... Beatrice

Rhys Wakefield... James

Cinta Laura Kiehl... Utami

Sophie Lowe... Petra

Hope Olaide Wilson... Omosedé

Philippa Coulthard... Poppie

Abhi Sinha... Kavi

Darius Homayoun... Toby

Toby Sebastian... Russell

Melissa Le-Vu... Plum

Chanelle Bianca Ho... Mitzie

Natasha Gott... Yoshiko
Taser Hassan... Nelson
Kory Brown... Student

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