Friday, March 15, 2013

Positive Self-Concept and Negative Self-Concept

Self-concept is an important factor in the interaction. It is caused by each individual in behavior as much as possible adjusted to the concept of self. Human capabilities when compared to all other creatures are better able to know who he was, observing himself in every action and be able to evaluate every action that know and understand the behavior that is acceptable to the environment.
Thus, humans have a tendency to set the values ​​at the time of perceiving things. Each individual may be aware of the situation or of its identity but more important is to realize how good or bad a state-owned as well as how to act toward the situation. Individual behavior is highly dependent on the quality of the self-concept is a positive self-concept orself-concept negatively.

According to Brooks and Emmart (1976), people who have a positive self-concept showed the following characteristics:

-          Feel able to resolve the problem. Subjective self-understanding of the ability to deal with problems facing the objective.
-          Feel equal with others. Understanding that human beings are not born with the knowledge and wealth. Knowledge and wealth gained from the process of learning and working life. Understanding the causes individuals to feel more or less to others.
-          Receiving praise without shame. Understanding the praise, or deserves an award against individuals on the basis of the results of what has been done before.
-          Feel able to repair itself. The ability to carry out the process of self-reflection to improve behavior deemed less.

Meanwhile, people who have a negative self-concept showed the following characteristics:
-          Sensitive to criticism. The lack of ability to accept criticism from others as the process of self-reflection.
-          Being responsive to praise. Being an overreaction to the action taken, all actions necessary so feel honored.
-          Tend to feel liked by others. Subjective feeling that everyone else around him look at himself in the negative.
-          Having hiperkritik attitude. Likes to criticize excessively negative towards others.
-          Encounter in interaction with the social environment. Feel less able to interact with other people.

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